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Meet some of us!

Henrik Valstad, Head of CoopX

Always eager to learn and improve. What are we solving? Which problem? Which solution, and why? How can we be more agile? How do we scale, and how do we best prioritize? I love talking about these topics, and sometimes we need to skip parts of these to “function” in a bigger company yet never forget we are the “Change agents!”.

Outside of work: Dad, ex-surfer, mountain biker, reading, mental health, celery juice drinker, cocktails, friends & social activities. 

Marthe Bjerke Cairns, Product Manager - App Team

I like trying to make products that people actually love. Customer feedback is my number one motivation to improve and learn what we could do even better – luckily we get A LOT of it.

Day to day my main task is to ensure we are aiming to make the best decisions that keep us on track to achieving both our goals and our app vision of making the shopping trip more worth it. I also think it’s pretty cool that Coop is owned by 1,9 million people and I like thinking of ways we could engage them in more ways and let them call the shots.

Outside of work: Going for walks, yoga, hanging out with friends or watching the same shows on repeat (oops)

Riccardo Fontini, Software Engineer

Find the problem, solve the problem. As a Software Engineer in CoopX, I like juggling between code, infrastructure and architectures. Deploying services according to DevOps principles and learning from our mistakes. Cloud Platforms passionate, I like learning about different providers and services but mostly experimenting with them.


Outside of work: I like skiing, cycling, playing football. I prefer books to movies, although I’m up to date regarding TV-Series :)

Åste Einn, Lead UX Designer

My eyes are always looking in the direction of a customer need to start off with. When we find a need, a pain or a problem that our customers are facing, we have a great foundation for making great ideas, test them, re-design them, test them again, re-design, test and so on. You get the picture. I also work closely with all sorts of roles - to secure that we have all the different brains needed throughout a project. I facilitate workshops, present, make stories, user test, iterate, and talk a lot.


Outside of work: Mum-work, write and draw, drink and eat with friends, try to work out, travel, watch TV, read, talk a lot.

Jonas Blåsås Lønnum, Engineering Manager

Challenges big or small, bring them on. As an Engineering Manager in CoopX, I'm passionate about enabling my team to be the best engineers they can be in addition to solving problems myself, which I never get tired of. I like to be technology agnostic and solve problems in a pragmatic way. We build modern, secure cloud services with high scalability, availability and quality. We build it, we run it!

Outside of work: A social guy. I like to stay active by playing football, golf, tennis, biking and running during the summer, and skiing during the winter. A builder, both DIY and hobby projects within programming. And a movie buff.

Qinghua Liu (Sylvia), Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist, all my work is closely knitted with data. I clean and process data, and hopefully reveal some useful insights through techniques such as machine learning algorithms for a wide range of purposes.

Outside of work, I am a wine nerd (especially anything Pinot Noir). I’m also quite into ballet, classical music and I play a bit of the piano for fun :)